What We Do

We aim to bring comfort to those who need it most by:

Anna’s Gift is a completely and totally 100% volunteer organization that currently provides activities for hospitalized children/teens and young adults and their families. There are many activities for the young ones to do, and even some for pre-teens. Our focus is on activities that are a little more involved and require a greater concentration and detail work. We have about 13 kits available to hospitals. One is a fleece pillow kit. We cut out the raw fabric and package everything together, along with the stuffing. The kids in the hospital then get to tie their own pillow together, put a poem or a prayer inside, stuff it like they want to , and have a nice “lovey” they can take back and forth to the hospital. We also have a birdhouse kit that the kids can make. Anna absolutely loved this kit – and even though she was very sick at the time, she stayed with this project with incredible focus and completed it in the hospital. It was amazing to see how happy this project made her! We also have a sugar cube castle kit for those aspiring architects! In 2015, we made in excess of 1,155 kits. In 2013, we made a total of 100.  Currently, we make about 6,000 to 7,000 kits a year.  Families who have written us letters thanking us for all of these things tell of how trying it is, and how Anna’s Gift allows their child or family feel “normal” for at least a moment in time. And that makes all the difference.